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 DISTRICT 9 (2009)

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PostSubject: DISTRICT 9 (2009)   Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:18 am

In 1990, a massive starship with a neglected foreign population, appeared with the nickname "The prawns", via Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty years later, the greeting paled by the human population. The refugee camp, where the alien is in a known militarized ghetto District 9, where they are limited and are used in the misery worsened. In 2010, the ammunition Corporation, Multi-National Netherlands mandate to spread the population by force with operational responsibility Wikus van der Merwe on. In this operation Wikus to a foreign chemical substance is exposed and must rely on the help of only two new friends "prawns".

District 9 opened in 3,049 theaters in the United States and Canada on August 14, 2009, and the film ranked first at the weekend box office with an opening gross of $37,354,308. Among comparable science fiction films in the past, its opening attendance was slightly less than the 2008 film Cloverfield and the 1997 film Starship Troopers. The audience demographic for District 9 was 64 percent male and 57 percent people 25 years or older. The film stood out as a summer film that generated strong business despite little-known casting. Its opening success was attributed to the studio's unusual marketing campaign. In the film's second weekend, it dropped 49% in revenue while competing against the opening film Inglourious Basterds for the male audience, and Sony Pictures attributed the "good hold" to District 9's strong playability.The film enjoyed similar success in the UK with an opening gross of £2,288,378 (447 screens) making it the highest grossing film of the weekend ending September 6, 2009.[citation needed] As of September 7, 2009, it has grossed an estimated $103,274,000 in the United States and Canada and $14,336,708 in other territories, for a worldwide total of $117,610,708.

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DISTRICT 9 (2009)
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